Maybe it’s time

Are you quick to get angry at someone when they say things that oppose your views?

Is it because you think that what they’re saying is challenging the validity of your beliefs or your knowledge?

In reality, everybody wants to feel heard.
Everybody’s just trying to express themselves.

Not everything is an argument.

There may be no particular reason why they said what they said. Sometimes they’re just explaining how they feel, which is a different page from you, but equally as valid.

And so you get angry because you don’t feel validated by them…and they don’t feel validated by you.

Now you’re both upset…and that doesn’t get us anywhere.

But (hear this) – you have to validate yourself and be confident in yourself.

And if you’re second-guessing yourself, or you’re getting hurt because other people aren’t telling you exactly what you want to hear, then maybe it’s time to change your perspective.

Maybe it’s time to change your mindset.

Maybe it’s time to do it in a sustainable way. To make it stick.

To really create meaningful change.

You might be thinking:

How do I change my mindset?
What do I do?
What are the habits that I should implement?

I’d like to guide you through a series of questions designed to shift your mindset slightly so you begin to see new possibilities.

I invite you to print out these questions and ponder them during your next break or on a walk outside:

What are the little things that I do every day that I could approach with a slightly different attitude?

What would choosing a different attitude do to my life?

How would that change my emotions, mood, and overall effectiveness?

Would it make it easier for me to wake up in the morning?

Would it make me feel more energetic about what I get to accomplish in a day?

Would it make me feel revitalized and energized at work?

Would it make me feel more secure and confident in myself and what I’m here to do?

These little questions and tiny shifts pile up over time until one day, you can look back and see that you climbed a metaphorical Mt. Everest.

Something that used to feel challenging, difficult, irritating, like a total drag, draining, or even just mundane will completely change for you…forever.

Most of us struggle to make these tiny shifts on our own.

Humans, unlike a new car, don’t have blind spot monitors built in. We need assistance from an expert.

These mindset and lifestyle changes are something that I’m so passionate about – providing clarity where it seems so obscure or challenging to you.

This is my genius. This is my talent. And I’d love to share it with you.

As a coach, it’s my job to provide you with the precise assistance you need to help you create beautiful, meaningful change in your life.

If you’re feeling connected and curious about how I can help you, please visit so we can organize a free consultation and meet each other!

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