The Divine Spoke to Me

Friday, I ditched my work plans and read Abraham Hicks at Windansea beach in San Diego.

I’ve been fully committed to raising my vibration and experimenting with what I can intentionally create in my life.

This was my full intention for the year of 2022.

Here’s what I’ve manifested so far:

Most of these things I have never even thought would be possible for me or never imagined until this year.

Delivering six masterclasses and having over 150 registered attendees.

An adventure to the east coast and PNW with absolutely no agenda.

Speaking to a crowd of strangers in NYC’s Union Square Park.

Casually running into Alicia Keys in my favorite lifestyle brand store.

A recurring column in an industry-exclusive magazine, Bloom.

Selling a $6,000 coaching package.

My dream apartment right next to my birth city complete with a fireplace, central air, washer/dryer, and a garage.

Creating the partnership of my dreams with deep freedom and trust.

Featured in a local magazine that celebrates entrepreneurs, ShoutOut SoCal

Completing a trip to Cancun, Mexico and back with an expired passport.

Contributed to a Miami-based lifestyle magazine, Just Begin

Hosting Moon Energy Ceremonies both at my favorite Yoga Studio and my home.

Co-creating and delivering two fireside chats with the executives of a networking company.

Hiring my dream Being Coach

Creating San Diego’s premier men’s group, the Conscious Men’s Coalition

Interviewed in three separate mindset expert summits.

Co-hosting my first half-day retreat experience on 11/11/22.

Creating my first online course containing the 100-level teachings of complete transformation

Invited to be the leading speaker for a two-day retreat in Florida in 2023.

Invited to be interviewed on a Miami-based Podcast, Just Begin

Featured as the guest speaker for my coach’s Breakthrough to You group coaching program

Requested and committed to co-create a monthly Moon Daze series in 2023 about mindfulness and holistic-living in connection with astrological energy.


I haven’t yet written out that list before – I am amazed.

How did all these things happen?

​By consciously choosing better thoughts.
Putting myself first.
Choosing what brings me joy.
And making all decisions as the CEO of My Own Life.

I want everyone to experience their own version of this ^^ incredible list of dream opportunities.

This past Friday,

I looked up from my book and was inspired to write the following.

I trust someone needs to hear this.

You are loved.
You are celebrated.
You are supported.
You are desired.

The things that your soul craves,
the things that your heart wants to experience and has always dreamed of,
are completely and totally meant for you. 

Sometimes you forget.

You get caught up in the “reality” of human existence.

Your journey on this earth is meant for you to learn how to work against everything that you’re told is wrong, that you’re told to suppress, and that you’re taught to ignore.

These are exactly the things that are your destiny to overcome and instead, celebrate.

I invite you to meditate on this that I have just shared.
I invite you to journal; I invite you to respond how you feel called.

I invite you to create discussions with your significant others about these topics, ideas, and principles.

One of my big goals for my content is to expand your thinking.

To challenge you to develop new perspectives for your reality.

I’m so excited you’re here.

I’m so excited you’re coming along on this journey. 

Are you looking to transform your life?

The journey doesn’t stop here.

There are a few opportunities to further your experience with my guidance.

  1. Transformational coaching opportunities – work with me directly
    ^^ my past clients had incredible things to say in their testimonials
  2. Be the CEO of Your Life – NEW Course – learn on your timeline

If you feel called and you love my content, this is just the beginning.
I would love to assist you.

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