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Kerstie’s Strategy?
practical + spiritual

a truly WHOLE-istic approach

1 part mindset,
1 part habits,
1 part alignment

Informed by:
knowledge & experience,
intuitive downloads,
Human Design,
& tarot readings

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Kerstie’s clients are saying:

“I feel absolutely blessed to have worked with her. … I am still overwhelmed with the experience.

truly benefited my life from a physical, mental, and spiritual level.”

M.K. from Iowa

“Kerstie’s coaching helped me realize my potential and what my true goals are in life.

Because of her I made the jump to take a new job opportunity… Her sessions were that extra push that truly helped make a difference in my life.”

A.C. from New York

“I came to Kerstie with a deep spiritual problem. I didn’t know how to connect to my wife and daughter the way a true husband/father should be connected.

She helped me find the true meaning of self control and empathy towards my loved ones. No matter what issue you’re having internally I highly recommend reaching out to Kerstie! The BEST!!”

S.J. from California

Kerstie’s latest posts:

  • There’s No Shame in the Struggle
    As the CEO of Your Life, you get to approach your life in the driver’s seat, right where you belong. You get to see yourself as the asset, the investment. Nobody can tie your arms behind your back and tell you what to do or how to do it. You get to make high-level decisionsContinue reading “There’s No Shame in the Struggle”
  • Maybe it’s time
    Are you quick to get angry at someone when they say things that oppose your views? Is it because you think that what they’re saying is challenging the validity of your beliefs or your knowledge? In reality, everybody wants to feel heard.Everybody’s just trying to express themselves. Not everything is an argument. There may beContinue reading “Maybe it’s time”
  • The Divine Spoke to Me
    Friday, I ditched my work plans and read Abraham Hicks at Windansea beach in San Diego. I’ve been fully committed to raising my vibration and experimenting with what I can intentionally create in my life. This was my full intention for the year of 2022. Here’s what I’ve manifested so far: Most of these things I haveContinue reading “The Divine Spoke to Me”

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