There’s No Shame in the Struggle

As the CEO of Your Life, you get to approach your life in the driver’s seat, right where you belong.

You get to see yourself as the asset, the investment.

Nobody can tie your arms behind your back and tell you what to do or how to do it.

You get to make high-level decisions and take responsibility for it all – including, your financial situation.

— Did you flinch when I mentioned finances?

Are you secretly holding shame about your money situation or desperately wishing there were some way to just…

get more, now?

Do you make purchases when you’re feeling high on a whim and then later… regret it?

Maybe even return it all?

Do you hesitate to spend money on frivolous, non-essential things because it’s more important that you just save the cash?

Does it stress you out to look at your bank accounts and bills?

With constant updates about the economy in the media and recurring memories referencing back to the crash in 2008,

I’m guessing your inner {money} critique is an overwhelmingly loud voice lately.

Being brave here… I’ll raise my hand for this one –

I’ve been on the money shame train, too. Big time.

So when my good friend Audrey invited me to participate in her upcoming summit about finances,

I almost said no.

But then I realized,

Nobody is talking about this. 

Nobody talks about the struggle while they’re in it, they blissfully recount the memories afterward.

That’s why Audrey and I have completely spilled the tea on the struggle – while we’re still inside of it.

There is no shame in the struggle.

And we’re here to tell you why.

Because look – we’ve all been there in one form or another and it’s time we talk about it,

what it can look like, and possible solutions that might work for you!

As the CEO of Your Life, it’s vital you show up for the financial side of your life and not take a back seat to it. 

Because money supports your mission.

Money is essential for your success.

If you are planning to approach your finances differently in 2023, we have an amazing free resource to help you do exactly that.

At the link below, you can gain access to 14 days of free advice from the experts about resetting your money mindset, taking back control of your finances, and so much more!

Sign up here!  It’s incredibly easy – I just signed up myself!

Speakers have been featured in Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Tedx, The Huffington Post, Mindvalley, USA Today, and more! 

See you there!

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