Unpopular opinion (3/4): employees are responsible for their own burnout!

Welcome to part 3! Avoiding burnout is a hot topic as our society continues to examine work/life balance.

You see, a few weeks ago I read an opinion piece that proposed companies are not to blame for individuals burning out, but the individuals themselves are.

While I don’t necessarily agree in full, I DO believe we have a ton of power in prolonging and reducing burnout!

Burnout is not simply correlated to the Quantity of hours worked.

It’s also influenced by the Quality of life experienced during and outside the working times.

Here’s my 4-part Flow Lifestyle to help you avoid burnout.

These are super easy tips you can implement TODAY. No excuses!

3. Motivation – when you’re training a dog, you give the dog a treat or praise after completing a task. They NEED this treat; it’s how good behavior is reinforced.

Same thing for children, and – shocker – adults, too!!

Do you have a celebration, treat, or reward waiting for you at the end of your day?

Not just something nice that typically happens, such as: streaming another episode; eating dinner with loved ones; or simply turning your computer off (as rewarding as that is!!)

I’m talking about the “I can’t stop thinking about this because it’s going to be so good” excitement that comes with reward and celebration.

Rewards motivate us to work with more focus and dedication, and create a deeper feeling of appreciation for the task at hand.

Productivity deserves celebration!

How are you strategically rewarding yourself for a day well-spent?

Want to know the other parts?

I’ll be posting the final part in-depth next week. Keep a look out!!

For now, here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been covering:

1. Energy – we each have an energetic cycle that moves us from alert and engaged to sleepy and checked out. If you’re spending a ton of your day feeling sleepy, there is a way to remedy it – without more sleep!

2. Routine – does your daily routine support or inhibit your energy cycles? You might be surprised

3. Motivation (see above)

4. Atmosphere – is your workspace sucking the life out of you, or building you back up? Think outside of the box – this is 2022 and people are working on the beach for goodness sake.

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