Unpopular opinion (4/4): YOU are responsible for your own burnout!

Work/life balance is a constant struggle for most of us, which is why I created this 4-part Lifestyle guide to create more Flow and Balance in your life.

I read a piece back in June that proposed companies are not to blame for individuals burning out, but the individuals are.

Now part of this is out of workers’ control, but each of us still have the right to create boundaries in our lives.

Burnout is not simply correlated to the Quantity of hours worked.

It’s also influenced by the Quality of life experienced during and outside the working times.

Here’s my 4-part Flow Lifestyle to help you mitigate this risk.

These are super easy tips you can implement TODAY. No excuses!

4. Atmosphere – Is your workspace sucking the life out of you, or building you back up?

Meaning, do you feel comfortable, relaxed, inspired, and energized at your desk?

Consider adding things around your workspace that make it feel more exciting. Invigorating candles, fresh (or fake) plants, an oversized photo of your favorite nature spot. A CLEAN workspace.

There’s a reason the workforce is hustling to land remote work positions – where you work plays a huge role in your fulfillment, productivity, and connection to your mission.

Don’t believe me? Think outside of the box – this is 2022 and people are working on the beach for goodness sake.

Ask yourself – would you enjoy working in a basement or garage over a beautifully decorated, futuristic, open-air office?

Why is that?

Want to know the other parts?

Check my previous posts that cover:

1. Energy – we each have an energetic cycle that moves us from alert and engaged to sleepy and checked out. If you’re spending a ton of your day feeling sleepy, there is a way to remedy it – without more sleep!

2. Routine – does your daily routine support or inhibit your energy cycles? You might be surprised

3. Motivation – how are you strategically exciting yourself about a day well-spent? Productivity accomplished via ease and flow deserves celebration!

4. Atmosphere (see above)

Whenever you’re struggling with work/life balance, come back to this process!! It works EVERY TIME!

To help get others’ brains thinking outside the box, share with us your insights on work atmosphere below!

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