Unpopular opinion (2/4): burnout is a self-induced situation.

I’ve been sharing my secrets to creating a life full of flow and free from burnout.

You see, I read an opinion piece that proposed companies are not to blame for workers burning out, but the individuals themselves are.

While I don’t completely agree, I DO believe we the power to set strong boundaries that prolong and reduce burnout!

Burnout is not simply correlated to the Quantity of hours worked.

It’s also influenced by the Quality of life experienced during AND outside the working times.

Here’s Part 2 of my 4-Part Flow to help you avoid burnout.

You can implement this TODAY. No excuses!

2. Routine – How you spend your morning affects the entire rest of your day. It shapes your perspective, sets your intentions, and determines the undertone of your mood.

Even deeper than that, your nighttime routine influences your sleep. The quality (not just quantity) of your sleep directly impacts both the energy you feel the next day and influences the strength of your entire body for weeks to come.

RED FLAG: If you’re regularly spending time on activities that are straining your eyes (streaming, scrolling) or are consuming in “excess” of what you realistically need (eating junk, binging Netflix), ditch these habits IMMDEDIATELY.

This is self-sabotage that is incredibly easy to avoid!

Each tiny habit you have snowballs into something bigger over time. It’s time to ask yourself if your habits are supporting you or sabotaging you!

Pay attention to your daily routine:

– Does this habit support my physical or mental strength, longevity, joy, and wellbeing?

– Is this habit the most effective use of my time? (Rest IS productive!)

– How does what I’m doing right now will benefit me tomorrow?

Answering these questions will uncover exactly what needs to change.

Then, the responsibility is YOURS.

** Remember: the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results. **

Want to know the other pieces?

I’ll be posting the remaining 2 parts in-depth over the next couple weeks. Keep a look out!!

For now, here’s a glimpse:

1. Energy – we each have a cycle that moves us from alert & engaged to sleepy & checked out. If you’re feeling sleepy, there is a way to remedy it – without more sleep!

2. Routine (see above)

3. Motivation – how are you strategically exciting yourself about a day well-spent? Productivity accomplished via ease and flow deserves celebration!

4. Atmosphere – is your workspace sucking the life out of you, or building you back up? Think outside of the box – this is 2022 and people are working on the beach for goodness sake.

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