Unpopular opinion (1/4): burnout is a self-induced situation.

A few weeks ago, I found an article asserting that companies are not to blame for individuals burning out, but the individuals themselves are.

While I don’t necessarily agree in full, I DO believe we have a ton of power in prolonging and reducing burnout!

Burnout is not simply correlated to the Quantity of hours worked.

It’s also influenced by the Quality of life experienced during and outside the working times.

Here’s my 4-part Flow Lifestyle to help you avoid burnout.

These are super easy tips you can implement TODAY. No excuses!

1. Energy – we each have an energetic cycle that moves us from alert and engaged to sleepy and checked out. This is the same reason why there are breaks in seminars and classes are usually capped at an hour.

You need to stretch, boost blood flow, hydrate, and refocus your eyes regularly to keep moving and grooving at 100.

Figure yours out!

Your cycle can range from 90-30 minutes and anywhere in-between (mine is 20-40 mins on a given day). You’ll feel a natural desire to get up…or lay down… at some point. Take note of the time.

Build 5-10 minute energetic resets into your schedule. Set timers and alarms that help you commit to your needs. These will remind you when to go on break and when break is over.

When the timer goes off, GET UP! Move your bum. Watch the sky out the window. Plan your evening. Plan an outfit for tomorrow. Find something unrelated to your work and give your mind a sort-of commercial break from work.

As you sit back down at your desk, notice the change in both how your focus is refreshed but also how your body feels. Compare that to other days when you don’t take these breaks.

Want to know the rest?

I’ll be posting the remaining 3 parts in-depth over the next few weeks. Keep a look out!!
For now, here’s a glimpse:

2. Routine – does your daily routine support or inhibit your energy cycles? You might be surprised.

3. Motivation – how are you strategically exciting yourself about a day well-spent? Productivity accomplished via ease and flow deserves celebration!

4. Atmosphere – is your workspace sucking the life out of you, or building you back up? Think outside of the box – this is 2022 and people are working on the beach for goodness sake.

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