The Empty Cup Analogy

Have you ever heard the empty cup analogy?

Long story short – you cannot pour from an empty cup. This is factually true.

This is also true metaphorically – the cup is you, and the water is your energy.

Wouldn’t it be great if the water – your energy – was constantly overflowing?…

Realistically, how often are you finding yourself with no energy? How often is your cup empty?

You’re so accustomed to helping other people, taking care of your family, being the cheerleader for your friends, loving on your significant other…

But who is loving on you? Those deep parts of yourself that you don’t share with anyone. The fears, the feeling that you don’t deserve recognition, the lack of purpose…who is putting TLC into those parts of you?

Those parts of you are your foundation. They are the source of your water. The well of energy you keep on reserve. If it’s empty… If it’s closed off…

How can you possibly pour from it?

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