The Foundation to an Effortless Life

What if when you wake up tomorrow,
everything feels… effortless?

At the exact time you need to start your day, your eyes flutter open gracefully.

The perfect amount of morning sunlight streams into your bedroom, allowing your vision to awake seamlessly.

You take a full-body stretch and inhale deeply, with a smile on your face, before calmly stepping out of bed to start your morning routine. You feel no grogginess, no pain, no strife, no tension toward anything you encounter.

Your day is beginning perfectly – there is plenty of time to complete your morning to-dos. You don’t even feel like you need a coffee to get going! No reason to rush, no reason to hurry. No arguments or non-cooperation from those around you.

You wonder how it was never this easy before.

You boot up your laptop.
You open your email to a full inbox, but it doesn’t send you into panic mode today. Casually, you click through and recognize that everything is being handled by the appropriate team members.
Your body is relaxed and your mind is focused. Yesterday’s unresolved dilemmas are so much clearer today.

One at a time, you effortlessly tackle your highest priority items feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment.

You’re in the zone and have accomplished a great deal already today. Everything will be finalized on time and accurately, no doubt about it.
Your team is supportive, encouraging, and understanding. You are delighted to be a vital part of such a buzzing organization. You experience no frustration towards any interactions that would have previously set you off. You feel completely calm and in control. You are going to have an incredible day, no matter what. You know it and feel it.

Same thing tomorrow, and the day after.

Imagine if this is your experience every day.

Take a minute and jot some notes down – what tiny stressors set you off each day?
From the moment you wake up until you go to bed, write out all the hiccups, the malfunctions, the people, the tasks, that annoy you. Even if it is ever so slightly; you think, “ugh, here we go,” or maybe it’s big enough that you can’t help but exclaiming your distaste out loud.

This list – hang on to it. Tuck it away where you won’t forget about it. My goal is to help you re-train your mind until nothing on this list has any impact on you.

Do you think it’s possible?

Honestly, I know it is.

The exercise we completed above leveled the landscape of your mind to build a new, wise world of possibility. Every moment is a chance to become the person you want to be if you simply choose the right perspective.

Perspective shapes reality.

So, it’s time to adopt the outlook that you have all the resources needed to become the version of yourself from the vision above.

You are the catalyst to change in your own life. You can choose right now to approach every moment of your life with a new viewpoint and change your habits to support it.

What habits need to change?
Let’s explore three questions to identify some opportunities:

What is one thing you do for yourself every day that brings you joy?

If you’re struggling to name something, start by focusing on three things you are grateful for before going to sleep every night. Practicing gratitude helps us see and choose more positive things in our lives. These small moments can have the same effect on your emotions as a shot of espresso does for your energy.

Do you feel properly fueled?

If your natural energy does not last throughout the day, or you need more than one cup of coffee, then it’s time to start incorporating healthy fuels for your body. Caffeine is incredibly acidic and inflammatory – it can be the culprit to much of the pain, restlessness, and exhaustion you’re feeling.

Surely cutting it out cold turkey does not sound thrilling, so I offer the following alternative: you probably already know you should eat more vegetables, so how about you just do it already? Find one green or cruciferous vegetable that you enjoy and add small quantities to your diet 4 times per week. Get creative in the kitchen – instead of steaming, try roasting. Instead of sautéing, try air frying.

Is your body and brain getting enough rest?

If you find yourself struggling to keep your eyes open during the day, allow yourself to sit in a dark, quiet space for 5 minutes and breathe deeply. Settle into the space and get as comfy as you can. It can help to sit on the floor with your back against the wall.

You should not have your phone or laptop with you during this time, unless it is to keep a timer. Notifications, vibrations, and other sounds should be silenced, for obvious reasons. If your only dark space is a bathroom or a closet, that works just as well. Purposeful breaks can be just as effective as taking a nap and can provide sensational clarity and relaxation to power you through the rest of the day.

Print this page out, email yourself a screen shot, or take a picture with your phone and revisit these questions frequently! If you spend just ten minutes reflecting on these three questions each week, that practice will assist us as the first step in our journey to eliminate all of the stressors you listed earlier.

If you need support or hands-on help, I would be happy to get you set up with the right plan of action. When I started my journey 10 years ago, I suffered in silence.
But you have options – reach out to me.

I’m rooting for you!

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