Finding Grace Through Intelligence

Suggestions for Tomorrow

I’m guessing your eyes are going to quickly glance over this article, wondering if it is worth your time, before ultimately deciding to keep reading because I read your mind.


So many of us navigate incredibly overly-busy lives, driven by an organized chaos that we know and, dare I say, love. In order to survive, we’ve become experts at identifying what is and is not worth our time.

But are these snap judgements of worth made accurately? Are we investing our time in a way that will deliver lasting value to us?

Could it be that we feel so much insecurity and doubt about a bright future that we only deem tasks with immediate results worth our time?

Nobody can predict the future with 100% certainty, but we (the collective humanity) seem to live in a state of impending doom on the world. Of course, this mentality just adds to the organized chaos we seem to be addicted to.

In reality, Americans are living the most physically comfortable lives in history while dealing with the highest prolonged levels of clinical anxiety, stress, and depression in history.

Why is that?

Why is it that our most intelligent, logical, and scientific advancements are not able to produce our happiest, most peaceful lives ever?

I’ve contemplated this question for a long time, and I think the answer is simple:

We’ve lost our ability to live a wise life.

The majority of our day depends on our ability to operate our minds intelligently. A percentage of us engage our bodies intelligently through exercise, which we agree on an institutional level is necessary for longevity. But, we seem to have completely pushed out the fact that humans have a soul that also needs to be incorporated intelligently.

The mind, body, and soul together create a trio that, when properly balanced, enables us to live our most happy, most peaceful, most joyous lives.

So how do we find the proper balance?

And how do we even incorporate our souls “intelligently,” anyway?

This is where my answers start to get more complex.

As with many things, the proper execution and balance is completely different for everyone.

I know, I know, cliché response. We love one-size-fits-all solutions, don’t we?!

Your unique perspectives, habits, and preferences influence how successful you will be at anything in your life. So unfortunately, I cannot prescribe a blanket solution in the space on this page. But what I can do is use my space here to explore different perspectives which will, hopefully, assist you in making meaningful strides to living a wiser life.

Here are a couple ways my clients have engaged their souls:

  1. Write letters to your Past Self and Future Self. These letters can have any tone you choose and are allowed to sound however you wish. No rules, no expectations.
  • Writing to your Past Self creates a degree of separation from your past experiences and creates the space to approach feelings of guilt, regret, pain, anger, longing, etc. with a fresh perspective.
  • Contrarily, writing to your Future Self cultivates a sense of peace as you set your intentions for what is to come and release the need to control. This is the space to dump anxieties, worries, fears, hopes, dreams, and well wishes.
  1. Set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier tomorrow. There are two options here:
  • Sit in silence and focus on your breath. Breathe in slowly for 3-4 counts, pause at the top, and breathe out for 4-5 counts.
    The goal is to push all the air out of your lungs and belly, so your next breath is crisp and fresh to boost circulation and power your morning.
  • Choose a song to start your day with. Sit comfortably, invite ease into your body, and either close your eyes or peer out a window. Allow this song to set the tone for your day. Allow your energy to build organically with the music.
    Choose something you haven’t listened to in a while – something with natural instruments. Some of my favorites are: Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles; Hello, You Beautiful Thing by Jason Mraz; and Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson.

A wise life feels like peaceful, calm, graceful existence. It feels like trust, that things are working in your favor and the timing of your life is perfectly orchestrated.

The path to cultivating this experience, like I said, is unique to everyone, but within my masterclasses, I guide you on your way to attaining it using the same processes and prompts that I lead my 1:1 clients through.

Like I tell my clients, my job is to show up and teach but it is your job to implement what you learn. You are the catalyst to change in your own life. Nobody else can do this for you, but if you need more support and hands-on help, reach out and I would be happy to get you set up with the right plan of action.

I’m rooting for you!

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