The True Price of $elf-Compromise

Everyone: “I had such a great time. Did you have fun at the bar last night?”

Me, to myself: Umm….. no? Have I ever had fun there? Barely.

Have you ever been in a situation where everyone around you seemed to really enjoy themselves, but you didn’t feel the excitement at all? You just, faked it? You were numb?

For so many of us, situations are incredibly uncomfortable or awkward until the alcohol starts flowing.

And so it goes:

“I’m just going to have one drink tonight, to take the edge off.”

Drink. Food. Dessert. Drink. Drink. Shots. Drinks.

Getting home late. Sleeping in way late. Dealing with hangover all day.

The effects of deciding to sip that first drink last much longer than “until the last drop.”

The next day, the energetic low you feel as a result of the events of the night before cuts your ability to focus by upwards of 75%, the physical capability of your body no less than 50%, and your desire to perform by at least 30%.

I’m just throwing out numbers here. But think about it, they’re not wrong.

Your diet gets thrown off, you reach for more caffeine, and sugar and carbs appear a million times more comforting than before.

^ That ^ is my honest account
(on a Sunday morning)
of the effects of my decision to have just one drink
(on a Wednesday evening).

It was supposed to be just one, but it snowballed over the following 2 nights and resulted in just two hours of sleep at the tail end of the weekend.

Now, I’m going to spend the next few days trying to ramp myself back up to optimal performance and I honestly can’t wait.

I’m going for a massage, a green juice, and to get my nails done. And tomorrow, I’m going to the gym.

Yes, you read that correctly.
I really do practice what I preach:
Put Yourself First.

It feels so much better to operate as a well-oiled machine in tip-top shape than it does to have “fun” going out, ending up hungover, and feeling like utter sh*t the next few days.

I put quotations around “fun” because the real question is – how do you define what is “fun”?

Is “fun” measured by the amount of alcohol I consume, or the amount I may or may not remember from the night before?

No, not to me and not anymore.

But it used to be. Heyyy, college!

To me, “fun” is measured by the energetic boost something gives me.
Fun is the depth of connection I am able to make with another human being.
Fun is that natural high that has no side effects. No crashes. No extreme low later on.
To me, fun is clean and healthy.

Fun is defined as: enjoyment, amusement, or lighthearted pleasure.

How do you define and measure “fun”?

What if everything in your life was fun?

Are you open to that possibility?

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