Why my clients don’t renew

When you’re in pain or struggling with emotional burdens, your first instinct is to close it off from the world.

You try not to let others see that you are struggling. You don’t want to be a burden to them, and you don’t want to appear weak, like a victim.

So you shrink back, shutter up your heart, shutter up your mind.

You thoughtfully choose the words you speak to paint the picture that you’re just fine.

You put more effort into making yourself seem like you have it all together than actually getting it together. But that’s the best you can do because you’re not sure how to move forward or actually find the right help.

Besides, you don’t need help. You’re an educated adult and can handle your own problems.

The way it is, is just the way it is. You will always be this way. This is the way it’s meant to be. This is just life. This is just the luck you were born with.

If you’re identifying with these thoughts, you are not alone.

In fact, most of my clients have these thoughts, as did I at one time.

There’s a fog – a cloud – that hangs around most of the days. We have to force ourselves to get out of bed; to go to the gym; to go to work. Sometimes we have to force ourselves to smile and hold conversations.

It. Is. Draining.

More than anything, we want to just feel better. To feel like we’re not treading water. To feel like we’re sitting beside the pool, no longer at the risk of drowning.

We want the pain, the shame, to be gone. The guilt. The heaviness. We want life to feel easier. We want more time, more energy, and to feel something.

We feel safest with our people, but many times we feel like we can’t totally be ourselves with our people. Our family and friends are our place of home, acceptance, and love, but these are also the people that “keep us in line,” don’t understand the way we desire to grow or expand our minds, and judge us for things they don’t understand about us.

You are tired of feeling like this. Tired of fighting the “reality” that doesn’t seem like it will ever change.

My friend, you are on the brink of a massive transformation.

The truth is: you lack the space to talk to someone openly, without judgement, about all the stuff going on in your head.

Therapists may or may not have helped you in the past, but you’re ready for something different. You’re not someone who wants to dwell on the sadness anymore.

You don’t want to work through your past. You just want to move forward. You want to figure out how to get out of this space where things feel hard and forced. You know it’s possible – you see others living it every day – but how to get there is the question.

Would you trust and believe me that you can find your way out of this foggy, convoluted headspace within three months?

As someone who spent a decade feeling like I was drowning, completely living under a cloud of self-hatred, and had only the energy to sit on the couch and eat cookie dough, I can personally attest to the feeling of being totally lost in your own life.

This issue does not impact only me, or you, or my clients – it’s pervasive. So many people around us feel this exact way. But it still feels so lonely. You probably don’t want anyone to feel bad for you, or to pity you, or to even try to help you.

I devoted my career to helping people like you overcome this mess.

People who work with me are able to work through and defeat negative thought processes, develop new habits, and reshape their lives within three months.

My process is like a transformative cab ride – I get you from point A to point B in a certain period of time, and then I leave you be.

Which brings up another point – I see an issue with the way we use therapy in this society.

It becomes another addiction. Another subscription that we begrudgingly show up to appointment after appointment without a clear “graduation” date on the calendar.

We spend all the time dwelling on the negative. Working through the past. Digging deeper and deeper into this hole that just keeps getting deeper. We swim in our own thoughts and feelings and decide we need the therapist more and more each time.

Working with me is not like that at all…

I don’t want you to renew your package at the end. I want to set you free as a completely transformed version of you.

People come to me when they’re ready to make real changes.

When you are ready, I’ll be here.

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