Leaning Into Fear

So much of this life feels scary, right? It’s terrifying sometimes.

Joining a new social circle – terrifying.

Leaving your job to follow your passion – totally terrifying.

How do you feel about the phrase,
leap and the net will appear” ?

Is that also terrifying?

We must not let the things that terrify us hold us back.

We’re focused on the worst-case scenario… but how do we feel about the best-case scenario?

If we spend our time focusing on our fear around the worst-case scenario, all we’re doing is ensuring, vibrationally, if you have a manifesting mentality, that the worst-case scenario is what happens.

However, when we allow ourselves to release the fear and focus on the good and the positive

instead of shrinking away when we feel fear…

when we lean into it, try to crush it (lovingly), try to shed light into the depths of the darkness that create our fears, that is when we achieve true growth.

That is when we’re able to see the fruits of our labor…

All of the efforts that we’ve been sending out into the Universe, working to manifest a positive lifestyle and a healthy mind.
That’s when it all starts rushing back to shower upon us.

When we’re able to lean into our fear with courage and shine light into our darkness,
that is when we gain the true power of evolution of consciousness as human beings.

I have been living this motto,
Leap and the Net Will Appear,
for almost two years.

What I have found is that fear is an illusion.

Fear is a mechanism to shy away from things that are meant to expand us.

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