Today is the day!

Back in the fall of 2021, I was invited to speak for an insurance industry networking group that believes Self-care is Healthcare.

How great is that? I’m so glad insurance industry folks get it!

The request to speak has evolved into a 6-class series that will take place throughout 2022, which teaches attendees all about becoming the CEO of your own life.

Being the CEO of your own life means you behold your life as your booming business. Your successful startup. Your baby. Your passion project.

As CEO, you have the autonomy and power to choose what is best for your life. You have a vision for your life and the drive to make it happen. You are unapologetically true to your mission and make decisions in a decisive, empowered manner.

You inspire yourself through your own success and constantly outdo yourself. You control your own growth. And, there is nobody who can take it away from you.

That is what it means to be the CEO of your own life.

The first step to become the CEO of your own life is to Put Yourself First, the class that just dropped on my site today.

I believe that every human should be putting themselves first in order to give more of our very best to everyone around us. Did you catch my last post about 12.5%?

Essentially, we are only using 12.5% of our max energy on a daily basis. (Check it out here.)

So, if you’ve been vibing with my thoughts lately, I highly recommend you sign up for this class.

I teach my 3-step process to Put Yourself First, which was developed over the last decade of research, client work, and my own personal experiences as well.

Sound interesting?

Consider this – if you identify with any of the following, you’ll love this class:

• You want things to change in your life.
• You want your mindset to change.
• You want to be true to you but you’re not sure how.
• You want to feel good about being true to YOU.
• You want to stop beating yourself up.
• You want the strength to overcome all of the reasons why you “can’t”
– why you shouldn’t do what feels right,
– why you shouldn’t go after what you want,
– why you should stay in your lane and keep your head down.

Yes, yes, yes!?

The class also comes with a 4 page PDF handout with questions, examples, and homework from the material. I’ve designed this masterclass for those of us who are ready to make real changes in our lives.

Here are the objectives covered in the masterclass:
• Learn why People Pleasing is your #1 Enemy
• Uncover the mystery of how to make sustainable change in your life
• Feel good about being true to you
• Feel like you’re truly in control of your life
• Learn how to bring your BEST to the world in your own unique way

This class is not only infused with all the love and space that I create for my 1:1 clients, but you also get to experience a little bit of what coaching is like.

Truthfully, coaching happens on your terms. The journey is entirely designed by you. I just nudge you along the way by sprinkling in wisdom, insight, perspective, and of course, love!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today to get started!

The class will be delivered to your inbox and it’s yours to watch whenever, wherever you want.

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