Maybe I am Wonder Woman…

I desperately believe the world needs more love and kindness.

I deeply want to raise the collective conscious vibration to help save us – all of us. Humanity, the animals, the plants… the planet! Everywhere I turn, it seems like we are heading towards a very scary potential. Our soil is depleting, the sea levels are rising, weather is getting more extreme, and global tensions seem to always be on the rise.

However, I believe it can all be reversed and avoided – one person at a time.

I believe we are all way more alike than we are different. I believe at our core, we all want the same things.

Unfortunately to most of us, it doesn’t feel that way at all.

Achieving my vision starts with the love we have inside for ourselves.

When we Put Ourselves First, we’re more clear on what brings us Joy. When we’re clear on our Joy, we naturally exist in a space of love and light. We ooze that love and light to everyone around us and it creates a ripple effect through the whole world.

Small waves and vibrations build and build until they add up to something much bigger than ourselves.

If we all become the CEOs of our own lives led by love, light, and kindness, we are able to harness and direct our innate divine power so much more effectively.

So, let’s go. I’m ready to save the world!

5th Avenue Marina, San Diego

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