DARE I SAY: 12.5% – that’s all I think we’re tapping into…

Recognizing my emotions: I have been getting so frustrated lately with the people closest to me all of the sudden not wanting to take my advice. These are the same people who regularly used to listen to my perspective.

But that’s the thing, they don’t want my advice. And that’s NOT what I give as a coach.. As a coach I give space and perspective. See, some people have been worried or concerned that they would get Coach Kerstie instead of Friend Kerstie. What’s most hilarious to me is: I am a much better friend as a coach than I am as a friend.

Let me explain.

The evolved version of Kerstie embodies a Coach wholly. She is the Kerstie who I have re-programed my life to be/become and rid herself of as much ego as possible so then, she may serve others.

The Kerstie who “is a friend that gives advice” is her ego-dosed, biased, wounded, emotionally traumatized version of Kerstie before evolution into higher consciousness. This version is emotionally broken, constantly seeking “something else” in her life, and tends to get very angry.

Yes, she still exists. She makes a peep sometimes, but I know how to console her.

Tonight, I realized I was being her again. It wasn’t for long – this time, just a day where I didn’t put myself first (I failed to shower before my niece got up – I was babysitter today – and still haven’t). Although I did choose joy (soaked up some rays at naptime), I didn’t feel like the CEO of my own life.

This balance we have been seeking: work/life.
(can you have it all?!?)
Can be visualized as a tripod – it’s my
(secret weapon to happiness) process
that allowed me to believe in myself.
It’s the process I followed to make each and every
hard decision I came up against.

I had to learn how to choose myself.

I had to stop blaming, blah blah blah:

  • It’s KPMG’s fault, I had to work extra and didn’t get my weekend day.
  • It’s my manager’s fault because we weren’t allowed to leave, but I didn’t try to clarify hours at all
  • Literally soooooo many more of these…

(sidenote – are you ready to see the literal shift
in my brain to the next topic? I didn’t edit, lol)





MAKE SURE THEY’RE READY TO grab the baton when it’s their time.

I have seen WAY too much leadership that I think is deeply flawed.

Our LEADERS should be the calm in the storm. They should be dedicated, compassionate healers, who truly consider themselves a sacred vehicle to direct an immense amount of energy.

Many things we do in this modern life seem to take a great amount of energy from us.

(How many of you LOVE your bosses??        I believe I rest my case.)

In my latest masterclass, I discuss in a very real way what our currently flawed societal operating procedures look like.

It’s a BOLD claim. I’ll tell you in short – I essentially state that I believe we spend the majority of our days operating around 12.5% of our energy potential.

If you’re like, “what the f… I barely have the energy to read this,” just try to fathom how much energy,
joy, bliss,
happiness, peace, gratitude,
connectedness, presence, and
time you are missing.

I propose we choose a radically new way of life.

I follow Love, it is my Light.

I feel love in every space of my life. The peace, presence, and gratitude it brings is my goal every single day.

The majority of these days, I truly feel like I reach my daily goals.

I’m proposing, to anyone who has ever thought I am a cool human, that we make an investment in really, truly, shifting our state of consciousness to a god-like being and radiate love at all times.

What would that be like…

If we all believed in a purpose of Love, Light, Happiness, Peace, and Tranquility?

If we shed the rules – if we forgot the way we’re “supposed to act” and just try this on for a minute, think about it.

A new way of BEing with ourselves, that is truly on purpose, in control of our own destinies, and led completely by LOVE.

Imagine your child, your pet, or your perfect ray of sunshine in your life. That ability to be so innocent, that truly happy, kind, generous, sweet, silly, loving version of themselves, or maybe/hopefully, ourselves.

What I’m saying is what if you were able to implement all the most positive, best habits that truly support your happiness, joy, and bliss, all day long. Every day. Your most relaxed state of being. Your most true, raw version of yourself; heart open to the world around you.

The feeling that everything is safe. You are safe.

There is nothing wrong with living with a different mindset.

Perception is everything, right? We make our own realities as great or as awful as they are.

We’re constantly speaking things into fruition.

All the things that suck, that we hate, that have control of our lives… there is another perspective.

All the things that are currently perfect. The simplest parts of your life, even, are so wonderfully perfect. Like your breath. Your chance for another tomorrow.

Your opportunity to choose better. To do, differently.

To make your thoughts, beliefs, and actions perfectly aligned to serve you in your best way.

If you had all the tools, everything you needed.

If you were fully supported, loved, desired, welcome, appreciated, and cared for.

My love, you can provide a reality of that for yourself even within alllllll of the chaotic sh** going on in your life. It can all start to feel better tomorrow, even today, if you practice my process for putting yourself first. This is the first step, the baby step! That starts welcoming a new perspective to take over.

Something that we currently hope to happen in the future… We just have to start right now with a baby step.

I could prescribe you with the advice of my favorite way to do it, but that’s not necessarily going to be your favorite way of existing, obviously. (I’m eccentric, I admit it.)

So, instead I follow the steps to help you locate one specific change you want to make at a time. It’s totally designed by you, navigated by you, narrated by you, but sprinkled with the knowledge, wisdom, and love from me. In my thoughtful way.

I have had a crazy amount of people tell me recently: “I feel so calm when I leave your presence.” “You are so relaxing to listen to.” “You make me feel so certain of myself and inspired.”

These are the things I have always wished someone would say to me. I feel giddy when I receive these compliments.

In my past-life (read: until I was like 26 and not present), I never, ever, thought people liked being around me. So, to go from thinking my future was to never be liked by anyone, to it actually being: I am loved by everyone around me… that seems, impossible.

The tipping point, if you like that analogy, was when I truly began to calm myself. To relax myself; to inspire myself. I became who I wanted to be, for myself.

I thought I would be the only one to ever benefit from it, because my future was to be alone. I’m talking romantically, but also heavily to be a life sparse of friends and family as well.

So, I did it for me.

I decided I wanted it, and chose it every day.

I made honoring myself my “most important thing to do today.”

The results are better than I could have ever imagined.

I’m teaching my 3-step process to do exactly that, for yourself, in my Masterclass on Wednesday.

The video drops into your inbox that morning and you have access forever. It’s yours to watch, rewatch, and use as your “weekly journal” or self-care activity. Your companion to your glass of wine/beer/tea/booch. Your time that’s been blocked off for whatever you want to do.

Kick your feet up and watch something that’s going to pay you back for your time.

If you sign up for my Masterclass before Wednesday, you get a special extra pre-prep exercise. You’re investing in yourself, and that sh– provides dividends. So double down and pre-game for your dreams this way – by going on a speed date with yourself. (It drops in your inbox after payment.)

Since this is my first class, I’m celebrating. I’m going to let the sale run another 2 days. Get the class for $65, which is $1.08 per minute. And you’re going to get a ton out of this. It’s all about what you put in.

I’m not offering some bullsh– scheme so I can get you to work with me and sell what I sell.

I want to help you figure out what the f*** you want and then go get it – eye of the tiger shit. I play to win.

Go sign up for my masterclass. I love you, I want better for you, and I know you do, too.

Do you want your #goals life to be yours badly enough for $65?

Lol, what else do we easily spend $65 on…? Pizza and Beer during a game, or like, a pair of yoga pants?

Anyway, go to this page (– click me –)

I’m gonna stick to being a coach, I like the evolved version of me way better.

Love you!


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