Are you welcoming your dreams with open arms?

When we release our control of the future and choose instead to control right now, that’s when what we want comes to us.

At that point, we’re not just sitting and waiting and wishing it will happen, we’re opting to deploy our internal divine creative spirit to have and create what we are hoping, wishing, and waiting for right now. We are taking the necessary steps to get our mindset and default way of being closer to what we want.

We are creating the environment that is conducive to having what we want. We are welcoming it to the party with open arms. We’re being a great host.

Did you get the job you have today by sitting on your couch and waiting for it to happen? OR, instead, did you go to school, send in your resume, talk to the necessary contacts, and interview with the company to land the position?

Yes, the answer is yes. You created the perfect scenario for your goals to invite themselves to the party and feel totally at home.

Human beings are manifesting all day every day, it just depends on what we’re focused on.

If we focus on the bad, the things we don’t like, and how awful our current situation appears to be, it’s like putting it under a magnifying glass. It gets bigger. It replicates. It intensifies. So, therefore, if we instead put that energy toward the dream, vision, and best-case scenario, universal law tells us that we will start to experience more and more of that as our effort builds.

We have to focus on the good that we have right now.

Did you ever buy a new car, thinking you were so fresh for getting that car, and the next day you magically see it everywhere? It’s not like the whole world went to the dealership overnight – your perspective, perception, and reality has just shifted.

In mid-January, I decided to really put this to the test. I believe that if I want something I’ve never had, I must do something I’ve never done. Leap and the net will appear!

I decided to get rid of a bunch of junk and move the rest of my things in storage so I could be free. Truly free from my chains. Free to hit the road, no plans, and see what happens.

You read that right. No plans.

Jump and let the Universe catch me, I reasoned. I didn’t just put my full, blind faith into hoping and waiting and wishing for the Universe to catch up. I put my faith into action in myself. Into my own power to manifest what I desire by fully appreciating what I have now.

I believe in, trust, and love myself enough to live to my full potential now. I am truly taking advantage of and appreciating the opportunities I have right now. I am creating the space for what I want to plop itself down, right in the middle of my pathway. It will because it will, because I’ve created the space for it to.

In a way, I’m being a gineua pig for the non-believers.

I’m putting my theories to the test and real-time posting about my journey on Instagram. I’m on a mission to build my empire and everyone is invited to watch me. Sure, I could theoretically do this from home, but that doesn’t deeply excite me. Being on the road, does.

What does excite me is the opportunity to meet completely new people in an organic way, every day. My impact on others as a human being and coach is multiplied a million times in person, I figured, what better way to impact more people than going on a physical journey while I share the spiritual and entrepreneurial journey online?

DISCLAIMER! I’m not at all suggesting you follow my path.

My path is MY path, it’s meant for me. I’m many years into creating the life of my dreams. This scenario has been something I deeply desired for my journey since I was very young. My goal is to share my insights with you so you can hopefully make massive impacts in your life as well. For those of you who know me and have met me, and realize that I’m just a regular human, hopefully you can see that your dreams are just as possible.

I’d like to leave you with one thought. One thing to reflect on and use as a tool today to keep progressing toward your goals. Ask yourself

What is one thing that I can do now to make what have I been wishing, waiting, and hoping for feel more welcome when it reaches me?

P.S. If you’re looking for personalized direction on your path of manifesting greater things for your future, look no further than my first masterclass, Put Yourself First (click here)! This class teaches you how to take a huge leap forward on your path – I know you will love it as much as I do!!
Class Objectives:
• Uncover the mystery of how to make sustainable change in your life
• Feel good about being true to you
• Feel like you’re truly in control of your life
• Learn how to bring your BEST to the world in your own unique way

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