How to create the space to CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Until the past few years, I was a chronic people pleaser. I could never make my own decisions unless I received someone’s buyoff or approval. Literally anyone, sometimes I didn’t even need to know the person. My mind was theoretically caged.

Then one day, I decided. I decided to start exploring outside of my cage. I stopped freaking out, regained my cool, and poked my head outside to see if anyone would notice and quickly put me back in my place of constant worry and panic.

Nobody did.

So, what happened? What did I do? How does someone just 180 their life and perspective?

I started stepping into my own power. I started making calm, centered decisions in baby steps. A decision on an ice cream flavor got so much easier. The decision to workout became a joyous “yes” rather than an “ohhh no.” Eventually, eventually, even picking out an outfit got easier!

Tip: if you’re looking to make a radical change to your life and your mindset, start with something small! Make it your #1 priority every day & do it for a month.
Here are some examples:
1. Start your morning with 5 minutes of meditation and affirmations. First thing when you wake up, set a timer and begin to breathe deeply as you recite your favorite affirmations.
2. Do 5 push-ups or sit-ups every day.
3. Each night before bed, lay out everything you need for the following morning, including your outfit for the day. Set yourself up for success.
4. During lunch, ask yourself, “how can I be more present right now?”

Making the decision to embark on a journey for self-freedom and living out my values brought the most joyous peace to my life. It started as tiny little moments, seriously just glitches in time, but really quickly evolved into larger stretches. Now, I actually wake up incredibly happy every morning – even when hungover, surprisingly.

I carry significantly less doubt, worry, and stress and significantly more confidence, joy, and pep.

Love, kindness, and compassion are the three pillars I uphold as I navigate the world.

These words are not just values I aspire to, but they truly govern 90% of what comes out of my mouth and my mannerisms. Everything comes back to love. I approach every interaction as if I truly love the person I am talking to (I’m talking about family love). This causes me to speak with more kindness and creates the space for the same compassion I would have for a sibling or a cousin. After enough practice, this approach became effortless and second nature.

Tip: write down some of your core pillars and begin to consciously practice them!
– Consider the people you admire – what qualities do these people exemplify? Choose words you feel aligned with and excited to define yourself by.
– Write them on post-its and put them in places where you will see them daily, like on your bathroom mirror, on the fridge, and near a light switch.
– Make it a habit to consider these principles before you interact with anyone, and take note of how it changes the way you present yourself.

The fact that I achieved so much release the last few years despite working in a career that I hated, to me, speaks volumes of the potential within meditation, movement, and sound. The best part is that it can be modified and customized for each and every person practicing.

Whether these elements are combined in one experience or multiple, involve props or not, or are practiced solo or in a group, the lifestyle that accompanies the conscious practice of these elements is incredibly rewarding. For me, this includes quiet meditation moments, yoga, and sound baths but for someone else it could include self-reflection, running for distance, and podcasts.

Connecting back to ourselves, who we are, and the values we believe in brings us back to earth.

Tip: mix more meditation, movement, and sound into your life!
– Consider what different types of meditation work for you. Do you like guided meditations, chanting mantras, mindfulness, or visualization? Don’t stop exploring here – there are so many forms of meditation available! I personally listen to my own voice recordings of my affirmations.
– Do you exercise? Are you excited about your exercise? Maybe it’s time to switch it up. A long walk around the neighborhood can work magic, but there are other options if it’s not your thing! Yoga, high-intensity workouts, or running around the block are all highly effective. I personally mix it up with something different every day!
– Music is vibration, and vibration is everything. (I’m talking about physics, here.) Consider the music you listen to. Try something upbeat. I personally love Jason Mraz and Toni Jones.

I hope you try out these tips and let me know how your progress is going in the comments!

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