Tonight, I took my fine ass out for a date with myself.

Well, it was actually a date with San Diego.

Because, I’ve been called back to Utah. I knew intuitively I would be in Utah mid-January, but I refused to release San Diego at first.

It took me a while to trust my intuition in general, and every day I am getting better and better, deeper and deeper. I’m getting better and better at shifting into this mindset every day.

I’m going after miracles in 2022. I’m going full release on my limitations and going bigger on my dreams. I’m trying something wildly, radically fucking different and I am so stoked for it.

I have always lived life by my own rules. And I don’t mean I’ve never faced hardship or everything was handed to me.
I mean I create my own paradigm and use my unique, divine power within to manifest and create my own magic.

I get the things I dream of and wish for because I take the steps, my steps, every day consistently. I take the steps that the Universe, God, the Divine Power, has placed within my “knower” and spoken to me through my intuition.

That’s what I do.

Any questions?

words of wisdom lotus pose

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