I’m writing this after taking a boring-ass CPE to keep my license in public accounting. Trust me, I have no intention of being an accountant ever again, but… Why does this seem to be so normal?

In the business world, we tend to kill the magic. We squash the excitement – unless we have the right leadership.

So hey – you’ve been pretty aware of different leadership styles and company cultures over the years, if not to plan how you are going to be an incredible leader when it’s your time, then it’s to keep yourself motivated to leave the company (one day…).

Aren’t you ready to leave that boring old job or career that you hate? How long are you going to stick around anyway?

Oh, okay you are on a big project, but you know you’re just a number to them, right? Sure, the people on your team will have to pick up the dropped ball, but it’s not your responsibility to sacrifice your incredible life to the company that doesn’t treat you well. They don’t pay you enough; they ask for more and more of your personal time regularly; you find yourself stressing about work even when you’re “allowed” to have a day to yourself. Like, they will literally move on as soon as you leave. They’ll bounce back…as you’re soaring for the stars.

You want SO MUCH MORE. You want to become a CEO or build your own business to support your dream life. You have a vague idea of what it looks like, but before you let yourself dream too much, you’re reminding yourself to keep your head down and make it through the day.

This happens consistently. Some cycles it’s every day, but every once in a while, you forget about the struggle and really feel good in your life. This usually happens when you’re on vacation and is abruptly dispelled when you get back to work. It was the same for me for like 4 years. The happy periods got shorter and less frequent over the years, until I decided enough was enough. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.

The decision to stay where you are is actually MORE of a risk than making a move is. The way this dissatisfaction manifests in your life will literally blow your mind once you fully realize it. The pains and aches you feel, not to mention the complete exhaustion that keeps you from making it to the gym is actively taking years off your life. The weird, vague sicknesses you’ve succumbed to is a huge sign that you NEED to make the switch now. The micro-aggressions you’re noticing from your significant other actually stemmed from your low vibe.

You can try to fake it, you can mind-over-matter that shit, but it’s not real and it doesn’t feel good. I see deeper. I can see how your problems connect and where they stem from, and it’s actually my specialty to guide you through how to fix it in the way that works best for YOU.

See, I spent my 6-year career as a CPA working on projects that needed a complete redo. I am highly specialized in pinpointing the problems, re-connecting the dots, and placing the cherry on top before moving on to the next disaster. I did this before I was a CPA as well – throughout college, I worked with teams of college freshmen to get buckled in and serious about their grades and performance. All my teams got A’s. Even back in 6th grade, my peers would send their projects and papers to me for editing and reorganization to turn a D into an A. I have almost two decades of practice turning shit into gold.

Why not approach running your life with the same dedicated focus that you desire to approach your work with? The only way to see actual, sustainable, targeted growth and success is to focus on it and work at it consistently, which again, is my specialty.

So let’s turn your life into gold, baby!

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