You’re allowed to want better for yourself.

When I felt super stuck in my accounting job that I loathed, the only thing I knew for sure is what I didn’t want to do with the rest of my life (hint: accounting). This feeling was overwhelming and brought on panic attacks sometimes.

What I describe below is exactly the reason why I got into the coaching business – to help people eradicate this feeling from their lives. Plain and simple, it’s not fun to be miserable.

This is the perspective:

  • You feel like you’re out of control
  • You feel like you want to make your own decisions
  • You want to make things happen in your life

Like you dream of. Whether it’s a big dream or a little dream – a daydream – you want to be able to make it happen, to have the time, the autonomy, the energy, and to be able to make those choices. Not just make them but implement them and carry them out and do it again if you like it.

You’re in a space, and you’ve been in this space for a while, where you feel like so much of your life is just about giving. It’s just giving away and giving away and it’s supposed to make you feel good.

But you feel guilty because you don’t feel good about constantly giving your time away to things that you don’t want to give it to. Like, the job that you hate; like, the responsibility you took on but it doesn’t match who you are; like, the tasks you did earlier this week that drove you mad.

You want to be focused on yourself. You want to be making your own decisions. You want to be autonomous. You want to call the shots. You want to be the CEO of your own life.

You want to have the vision. You want to have the resources. You want to have the ability to make things grow and manifest the things that you actually dream of, like a CEO does.

A CEO has dreams for their company but not just that, they have the ability to actually take action and lead and direct the energy of the organization to be able to achieve that goal.

You need to be able to do that within yourself. You need to be able to harness your own energy, your own inspiration, your own drive, and actually make things happen like you want for yourself, your family, and for the rest of the people around you.

You want things to be better for not just other people, but also for yourself. That is okay. It is okay. There is nothing selfish about that. You are allowed to want better for yourself. You are allowed to be filled to the brim, totally fulfilled, and be able to show up and give with the most energy, because you are super stoked about your life!

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