Don’t wait for your dreams to just happen! Read this now.

I took a long, long hiatus from facebook… and I just decided to be active again.

I needed time; I needed space. I needed to heal myself of the pain, frustration, and limitations that I was feeling. I needed to become me.

Everyday I’m becoming more and more of who I am supposed to be; of who I have always dreamed I would be.

When I left PA years ago, so many people told me I was lucky. I couldn’t understand why I was hearing that over and over.

I wasn’t lucky, I was making moves. I was making things happen. I was following my desires and the intuitive guidance that was always there. I decided to stop playing small and I decided that I was my own knight in shining armor on a white horse.

And I have been doing it ever since.

After high school, I got myself into a university that was out of my family’s comfort zone. I showed up every day for myself and took every opportunity I could to shine, crush the curriculum, and speak to anyone and everyone in any way I could. I built the foundation.

I pushed myself to break through the expectations.

We have so much clarity when we look behind at our past. I do this frequently and every single time, my beliefs are proven.

*Every single thing happens for a reason. * The bad times, and the good times, happen FOR me, not TO me.*

When we choose to frame our thoughts and beliefs in a way that supports us and lifts our spirits, amazing, incredible, seemingly impossible things happen.

This is a long-term strategy, let me tell you. It’s like investing in your 401(k) or a home. You just have to invest your resources, time, and trust into the grand vision and keep doing it, consistently, every day.

I have lived the life of my dreams since 2016. Have bad things happened to me? YES.

I’ve been passed over for an early promotion that I deserved. I have been “homeless” for a period of time. I have been dumped. I have been fired.

Each and every one of the setbacks I experienced was happening in order to equip me with the lessons, tools, and mindset that I needed to be where I am today and where I’ll be tomorrow.

But this experience isn’t limited to me. I’m not lucky.

You can live your dreams too. It’s 100% a mindset.

See, we were never taught how to BE as a human and what the experience is like within our minds as we navigate the tricky, ever-changing world.

And I am feeling so called, led, driven to bring this knowledge to those that I care about. Those who have both helped me and wronged me along my journey.

I have learned so many practical tools and belief structures along the way, and I’m ready to share it!

This year, I have been invited to lead 6 Masterclasses for an exclusive networking group in an industry I worked in as an accountant (CPA, actually). I am honored to share this wisdom, but I struggled with the idea that this group would be the only people hearing it.

Which is why I have decided to offer these classes to everyone in my community.

If you are intrigued, pulled, inspired, or led to learn more about what I’m talking about, consider if this sounds like you:
– You want the strength to overcome all the negative things you tell yourself:
       why you shouldn’t do what feels right,
       why you shouldn’t go after what you want,
       why you should just stay in your lane and keep your head down.
– You want to stop beating yourself up.
– You want things to change in your life.
– You want your mindset to change.

My Masterclasses are going to teach you how to overcome these blockages you think and feel, inevitably, every time you think about making a move or getting out of your comfort zone and going after what you want.

All of the reasons that make you feel small, inadequate, unworthy… they’re NOT true!

Maybe you’re thinking: “bullshit, Kerstie.”

But there is a way. I am going to teach you to overcome these blockages, take the first step forward, second step, third step, and keep the momentum going all the way through the year.

Every other month, you’ll sign in to an experience where I help you pick yourself up every time you fall down or block yourself again and again.

Think about a change you want to make in your life.

How long have you wanted to this? Have you already tried and failed? Have you lost courage or momentum before you could even make strides?

Is it something big like a career change, a move to a new town? Or maybe smaller like having the drive to get yourself to the gym or stop eating those cookies, cakes, and mashed potatoes (just me?)?

We’re going to cover:
– Why this is happening
– How to overcome these pitfalls
– How to keep moving forward
– How to make shit happen that you actually, truly want
– How to take things into your own hands and inspire yourself

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, and it sounds like something you want, and you are ready to overcome your barriers to actually make it happen, then you should definitely sign up for my Masterclasses!

I’m excited to see what you’re able to make happen for yourself this year so YOU can be the one everyone says is “lucky.”

Sign up for the Masterclasses here.

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