This is why Choosing Joy is a long-term game-plan, not a sprint.

Choosing Joy is a journey. Like all other lessons, habits, and theories we learn in this lifetime, it can take time to learn the practice and reap the benefits.

Taking the first steps for Choosing Joy in any and all areas of our lives can look like a lot of different things. It can be effortless; it can be trying.

For me, for the personal blockages I am dealing with right now, you can see in this video that my path to Joy today involved some tough work. Work that I didn’t necessarily want to do.

But I chose to do it. I chose to trust the process, trust myself, and keep my goals in sight. That’s the same thing the specific client I refer to in the video ultimately did as well.

And so if you do want the change, you do want the healing, you are ready to hear, and your mind is open, you know your path to joy. You deeply know what you need to do next. Your intuition is whispering – it’s up to you to listen.

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