EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD – if you’re stuck, try this

Often times, we have immense clarity around the happenings of everyone else in our lives except for ourselves.

To many of us, life feels out of control or like we can’t handle what is coming our way.

In this video, I offer some questions you can ask yourself next time you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

It can be incredibly enlightening to pretend for a moment that the situation is happening to someone else in your life (instead of you). By making the space to ask these questions, you are opening yourself up to a whole new perspective to help you regain your composure.

1.) If this was happening to somebody else, what would I be able to see in this situation that I can’t see for myself?

2.) Are there other emotions that I could be feeling about this?

3.) Are there other possibilities, other potential reactions, that I could have to what’s going on in my life?

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