The huge blind spot you are missing does not exist in a silo

We love to categorize our lives: work, personal, party, family, relationships, health, entertainment, etc. But thinking about these aspects as separate and compartmentalized is grossly outdated.

In order to have an effective balance of *all the things*, not just work/life, we need to use a holistic approach. We need to understand that there are common threads woven into who we are that affect the way we show up in the world no matter where we are, who we are surrounded by, and what we are doing.

Some of the habitual thoughts we are programmed with are the very reason things seem out of balance, not just something weird going on at work or in our relationships.

But the beautiful thing is, this programming can be re-programmed to something better that serves us in an entirely more fulfilling way.

Check out my coaching offers to consider whether it’s time for you to re-program, re-design, and re-write who you are in the world. Visit my coaching page to learn more!

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