Follow the adventure of your life!

Trust the adventure of your life.

The relationship I discuss in this video started with the decision to take an adventure. I met a guy in a bar who said he wanted to take me sailing, and my snarky ass agreed to go to because I wanted to call his bluff… but he actually delivered. Choosing to go on that adventure shaped the next 2 years of my life to be some of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. 

To me, the craziest thing about it is that I had been daydreaming about getting involved in sailing for 6 months before I moved to California. I was here for less than 60 days when that dream came to fruition.

Trust your inner voice. The truth you know and feel deep down. It’s guiding you on a wild journey meant just for you.

If you’re not quite sure what this inner voice is, how to find it, or how to trust it, you’re in luck because it is one of the pillars I coach on. Check it out.

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