Mindset Makeover Masterclass Freebie!

Hello my love,

thank you for viewing my interview with Ashley Smith at the MMM!

Below, you can download the handout from week 1 of the Be the CEO of Your Life course!

In week 1, called Put Yourself First, we dive deep into what it means to put yourself first, why it’s so important and NOT selfish at all, and how you can train your brain into being on board with this new goal.

This handout outlines the three step process of how to retrain your brain, and it’s completely free for you as a gift to attending Ashley’s Mindset Makeover Masterclass!

If you are interested in furthering your journey, there are a few options:

  1. Sign up for the course where we dive super deep on all the topics I discussed with Ashley and more! Sign up here!
  2. If you’re looking for individualized, highly specific assistance in making change in your life, you can sign up for one-on-one coaching with me! Sign up here!
  3. If you’re wanting to meet me, make sure I’m a real human, or ask any questions, you can sign up for a free 30-minute one-on-one meet and greet here!

Otherwise, enjoy this freebie!