Path to Freedom

Independent Exploration

Powerhouse prompts for journaling and self-reflection.

Ask yourself the following questions.
The answers can be written in a journal, typed, or recorded as an audio or video file.

Typically, writing and typing are the most impactful.
Pulling the thoughts out of your head and onto a space so they can be visually received and processed is crucial to getting connected.


  • What does freedom mean, look, and feel like to me? How do I measure freedom in my life?

  • If I were truly free, what would I do with my time?


  • What does the word success mean to me?

  • How do I ensure I am successful? What kind of support do I need in my life to keep me on track for my goals?

    Be sure to journal about how you achieved your past successes, no matter how granular (building habits, completing education, developing a talent, making a big life decision, leaving a relationship).

  • What does my life look like in 5 years if I achieve all my goals?

  • If I succeed, what is the best possible outcome?
    If I succeed, what is the worst possible outcome?

Dreams and Desires

  • If I could have absolutely anything I desired, what would my life look like?

    Journal it out; consider the following topics:
  • Personal life
  • Career
  • Physical Health
  • Friendships
  • Family
  • Love life

  • If I could be best friends with anyone on the planet, who would I choose? What would my life look like with this person around regularly?

  • If my life was a Hollywood production with an unlimited budget, no restrictions, and I got to be anyone I wanted, what would the scenes of the movie look like, visually? What would the storyline be?

    Explore your dreams and desires.

Aligning with your true self

  • When I was a child, what did I do when I had free time to play? What did I do when I was happy?

  • What is one task that when I perform it, I feel like I am living in alignment with my purpose?

  • What do I admire about myself and my own life story?

    Journal in depth and discuss the feelings you have around these topics.

  • What is something I am really good at? Have I always been good at this? How have I changed over time regarding my approach to this? What goals do I have related to this?

    Brainstorm something you do frequently or your family and friends talk about you doing


  • How do I define the word failure? What does this word mean both practically and emotionally?

  • How does the word failure make me feel, physically and emotionally?

  • Are there ways I fail every day that I am blind to or choose to not see?

  • In what ways have I failed before? What did I learn, or how was my life redirected because of it?

  • If I fail, what is the worst possible outcome?
    If I fail, what is the best possible outcome?

  • What would a failure change about how I show up in the world?

Put Yourself First / Self-care

  • Brainstorm what it means to put oneself before others and theorize how this could be a successful approach to life.
    How would the people around me benefit if I spent more time on self-care?

    This involves defining what self-care means to you, both as written definition and a practice. Think back to when you were a kid or when you were in college. What was the first thing you wanted to do when you had free time? How did it make you feel?


  • What is one thing I can do tomorrow to make myself feel more free/successful/aligned?

  • How can I tweak my routine to allow for more ease, joy, and fun every day, even if for only 5 minutes?