Mirror Talk

I wasn’t messing around when I started my career.

I pushed, I achieved, I accomplished, and I…. burned out. Hard.

My body had a force shut-down, my brain wouldn’t work, I got sick continuously. I was trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

I was denying my true purpose, gifts, talents, and passions.

I was hiding myself in a closet.

After years of struggling, eventually I made my way to the light and decided a few major things:

1. I needed to Put Myself First!
2. I wanted to do only what brought me true Joy.
3. I’m the asset, not the job, not the money – I committed to seeing myself as CEO of My Life.
4. I let my intuition take center stage. Why fight the Universe if all the energy can flow through me, effortlessly?

Let my experiences serve as your inspiration and teacher to help you uncover your own highest truths.

Let my story and my gifts help you tap into your greatest strength.


We’re all born with it, but only some of us are brave enough to trust our own intuitive guidance.

Let me help you learn how to strengthen your inner voice and let it guide you.

In my signature program, we’ll accomplish the following:

✅ Uncover the art of Putting Yourself First
✅ Overcome and prevent future BURNOUT
✅ Become more persuasive by mastering empathy
✅ Reprogram your brain to grant your own permission
✅ Uncover your subconscious assumptions and expectations
✅ Reignite your instinctive superpower – your Intuition

Enrollment now open – limited to 10 dedicated women

A 65 Day Container of group coaching to ignite, empower, and surrender to your powerful intuitive guidance
Weekly Wisdom Download video and group meeting (in person or video chat)
No meetings the first/last week of each month for integration

Group 1 runs January 10 through March 16

$2,000 down – paid in full
$550 down + 3 monthly payments $550