the Universe has led you here for a reason

Do you ever think:

  • I didn’t accomplish enough today.
  • I feel disconnected from life.
  • I just don’t have enough time.
  • I need something to change now.
  • I want to feel like my life has purpose.

If you feel a little lost, trust me, you are not.

(keep reading!)
In fact, you are right where you belong.

The way you are working is just not working for you anymore.

the current system of the occasional "mental reset" is not working.

You are barely taking enough time to live.

You aren’t able to properly care for your health or actively
direct your own life. It’s nearly impossible
to see any sort of prolonged improvement with this
misaligned approach.

You are so well versed at giving so much of yourself
to everyone and everything because it’s demanded of you.

You may have already looked into a
job change, a move, or a mindset makeover,
but you’re not sure if it’s the right direction.
You’re not sure you’ll get it right or if it’ll even be
worth the extra effort.

The fear of things getting worse or harder
than they already are has likely kept you
where you are right now.

So how are things ever going to change?
When is it going to get better?
How long have you been wanting to break the cycle?

When is enough? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

If you feel like it’s really hard
to maintain happiness;
to maintain peace;
to maintain the motivation
to reach your personal goals;
day after day, month after month, year after year,

you are not alone.

Say it with me – I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Doesn’t that feel good?

To know: “okay, I’m at my limit…something HAS to change.”

& that is where I come in!

Client Testimonials

“I feel absolutely blessed to have worked with her. … I am still overwhelmed with the experience.

truly benefited my life from a physical, mental, and spiritual level.”

M.K. from Iowa

“Through speaking with Kerstie, she was able to help me understand that I had gotten to where I was not by chance or happenstance, but by hard work and calculated maneuvering. I spoke with her about trepidations and fears that I had for myself and the future. She made me feel more comfortable with taking risks and putting myself out there for the unknown.
Her guidance and support was instrumental in helping make me realize what was important to me about values and my career, and give me the courage to take the next step in my career which has put me in a better place for the future and going forward.”

M.S. from New York

“I came to Kerstie with a deep spiritual problem. I didn’t know how to connect to my wife and daughter the way a true husband/father should be connected.

She helped me find the true meaning of self control and empathy towards my loved ones. No matter what issue you’re having internally I highly recommend reaching out to Kerstie! The BEST!!”

S.J. from California

As your coach, I help you realize your dreams and make them happen.

We will:

  • pinpoint what you’re missing,
  • learn how to tap into greater wisdom,
  • clearly map out your goals, dreams, and desires,
  • truly uncover what it will take,
  • dig deep to create new, better habits, and
  • manifest the hell out of it.

My goal is to change the way society operates one person at a time.

My clients feel
so empowered and confident in their lives
that they inspire their
coworkers, friends,
friends of friends,
and distant acquaintances
to approach their lives with a new mindset.

Change is inevitable, so let’s make it intentional.
Let’s all finally lead truly fulfilling lives!

I’m here to tell you,
that change starts within you.
It starts with us.
We have everything we need
right now.

You have agency. You have power.

You can make the changes you need
to not just survive another day,
but actually begin to thrive.

When I got sick and tired of getting sick and tired,
I realized my life needed a re-design.

I decided to
keep the best and ditch the rest.

So how did I do it?

To sum it up super simply:
I put myself first,
chose what brought me joy, and
saw myself as the CEO of my own life.

I compare self-care to playing the Sims,
as if I am a character in the game.
I have all these meters that show
where my levels of satisfaction
and need are across
a spectrum of topics:
tiredness, hunger, fun, curiosity, etc.

In my scenario,
there are also meters for
inspiration, drive, worthiness, impact,
and a slew of other metrics that make up
what I need to be happy.

What if you started looking at yourself as a Sim?
What would your meters tell you?

The life you are longing for is so totally possible.

Happiness, fulfillment, and harmony
in your overall life is
completely achievable,
you just need some help.

I know because I have done it,
multiple times over,
and I’ve helped other people do it too.

Ok so, what is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship with a mentor
to help you create the life you want to live
in a set time frame
with accountability and action items.

Coaching helps you
see your own blind spots
so you can level up
in all the ways you’re stuck.

My services are ideal for you if
you want to feel a level of
autonomy or freedom
within the life that you already have.

Maybe the structure of your life is great,
but you want to feel more
connected and active within it.

My program is the
obvious choice for you
if you know you must
invest in yourself to level up.

I will walk hand-in-hand
with you along your path.
I will be by your side to hear your pain,
celebrate your victories, and
guide you in your pursuit of

I do not judge your
decisions, reactions, or thoughts.
I welcome you with
acceptance and unconditional love,
because being fully aligned
as a modern-day human
takes practice. It’s a
process of daily evolution.

Client testimonials

“Kerstie helped me through a really difficult part of my life and also helped me get over trauma that I’ve had in the past without me even realizing it. She’s such an amazing person to talk to.”

K.C. from Arizona

“Kerstie’s coaching helped me realize my potential and what my true goals are in life.

Because of her I made the jump to take a new job opportunity… Her sessions were that extra push that truly helped make a difference in my life.”

A.C. from New York

My clients understand that a career is just an extension of the self,
and a business is just a collective of individuals…in order to
be the most impactful, they need to be
whole and thriving within themselves
so they can pour their best into their work.

My clients know me and trust me
They see the pain that I once held and see
the abundance of love that is possible on the other side.

My clients remain dedicated
to the possibilities for themselves, and
trust in the process and the journey.
We meet in their pain, together, we do the work, and we emerge triumphant.

I offer:

collaboration, guidance, & personalized interpretation.

as we navigate out of the depths of pain, despair,
frustration, stagnation, and insignificance that fogs your mind now.

I’ve compiled my best teachings and practices into these packages
and priced them affordably because I desperately want to see you thrive.
I want your friends and family to notice
and know that you’re kicking ass.
I want your relationships and business to flourish.

Each person I help directly raises the collective vibration. I'm on a mission!

My goal is to change the way our society operates one person at a time.
I want the butterfly effect of my work to reach far and wide; I want my clients to feel so empowered and confident in their new lives that they inspire their
coworkers, friends, friends of friends, and distant acquaintances to approach their lives with a new mindset.

The power is in the people.

We can consciously shape the way things work.

Change is inevitable, so let’s make it intentional.

Let's make you a CEO.

Are you ready to get started with coaching?