Who is She?

Kerstie is a Corporate America drop-out.

She holds a degree in Accounting and worked as a CPA for KPMG before deciding,
“I want to be part of the solution, not the problem.

My goal is to change the way our society operates one person at a time.

I want the butterfly effect of my work to reach far and wide.

I want my clients to feel so empowered and confident in their lives that they inspire those around them to approach their lives with a new mindset.

I lead by example.

I practice what I preach.

By living my truth, I invite others to live their own truths.

As a coach, I guide my clients along their journey to live their most authentic, fulfilled lives;
to unlearn the people-pleasing tendencies they’ve been conditioned to practice;
and to put themselves first in order to give more.

I love my life!

And I want you to love yours, too!

All the love, Kerstie Blue & the Universe

Kerstie is a woman who knows she's a badass.
She has a vision and a purpose.
She’s a confident leader that evokes respect and admiration, but conducts herself with gratitude, kindness, and love.
She is driven to help others achieve whatever “success” means to them.
Kerstie is deeply connected to nature. Her spirit is working to bring peace and love to others. She is centered, full of positivity and boldly unafraid of her shadows.